Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil, and Vile (2019)

I’m not really trying to write the name of this movie over and over again throughout this review so I’ll keep it as “Extremely Wicked” for the rest of this review. I’ve been catching up on a lot of movies I’ve been recommended and this was on the list.

This movie was directed by Joe Berlinger, a director I’m not too familiar with aside from the fact that he enjoys making documentaries about murder or weird events. “Extremely Wicked” fits in right into his filmography, being a biographical drama surrounding the trials of Ted Bundy. It stars Zac Efron from.. well everyone knows what he’s from, and Lily Collins from Abduction, another movie I recently watched. The story centers mostly around the relationship between Ted and Liz and the things Liz went through while being involved with Ted.

To me, this movie was pretty mediocre. None of the side characters were very interesting and Zac Efron definitely tried but it just wasn’t enough. He wasn’t awful but seeing the comparisons with him and the real Ted Bundy at the end, it left a lot to be desired. The real Bundy was a lot more charismatic and convincing. Seeing some of the footage from him and with the knowledge of all the bad things he did actually brings chills to my spine. But all I saw out of Zac Efron was this very hot guy thinking he’s slick. I was rarely ever convinced that Zac Efron was really fooling anyone into believing he wasn’t a killer. Anyways, the rest of the acting was pretty bad, the shots were pretty bad, the score was kinda all over the place to be honest? I didn’t really like it but it wasn’t the worst thing I’ve seen all week. I can’t really go too much in depth with this movie but I guess that’s what I get for watching Netflix movies.

My Rating is a 4/10

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