“Have a Good Trip: Adventures in Psychedelics” (2020)

“Have a Good Trip” is a Netflix Original Documentary where the pros and cons of drugs are showed. And it was so bad. This week has been a bad week to catch up on new Netflix stuff. As soon as I saw bitmoji like animation used to present these people’s drug stories I stopped taking it seriously. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not anti-drugs or anything like that nor am I promoting drugs as well. I’m rating this based off of how entertained I was, how well it was shot, did it achieve its goal, and if I learned anything. In my opinion, it did none of these things. They got a bunch of famous people, including the late Carrie Fisher and Anthony Bourdain, to talk about how cool drugs can be and their experiences. It’s so draining and annoying. The old timey commercials were pretty funny to watch just cause of how corny they were but I wouldn’t really credit the documentary for that either. Other than that all of their advice was the most obvious garbage that everyone already knows. They would say something along the lines of “Oh yeah that was like the greatest night of my life, it was crazy, but don’t take drugs from strangers kids”. I had to endure so much to actually finish this and it wasn’t worth it. It didn’t educate, nor was it entertaining, nor was it made well. I would rather listen to my friends high on weed and talking about their day. Because it is a lot more entertaining than these random rich people do it. Waste of time.

My Rating: 1/10

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