“Ready or Not” (2019)

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“Ready or Not” is a horror comedy starring Samara Weaving where she has to spend her wedding night having to play a dangerous game with her husband’s new family. Hide and seek. The game is hide and seek. So seeing that there was a horror movie based around a game of hide and seek, I obviously had to watch it.

To start off, I loved Samara Weaving in this movie quite a bit. She was my favorite part of this movie and was so good at making her character believable. She didn’t just pose the whole time for the camera like other cliche woman characters in horror movies nor did she over act. There were plenty of scenes where her comedy hit pretty well too. Aside from her great performance, I think the comedy was more hit than miss, which is also pretty good. The movie doesn’t take itself too seriously and it helps a lot. If this movie were to be just a serious horror movie about hide and seek I would have had a difficult time taking it seriously and enjoying it. There were a few shots I really enjoyed with the handheld camera like in the very beginning chase scene and a few other chase scenes. However, the handheld was a little overused throughout the movie and definitely got annoying seeing it shake as often as it did. The messages the movie is trying to present are pretty on the nose as well so there really isn’t much to look into or much of a reason to re-watch in terms to trying to find multiple interpretations and such. Another thing I personally didn’t enjoy was the fact that the characters were written so poorly and it could have been a choice by the writer to do that? Having a normal character and writing all these cliche characters around her and see how she deals with them. It makes sense, but it’s honestly not something I enjoyed. I won’t go much into spoilers but overall I really had fun watching this movie and would recommend it to anyone just wanting a fun horror comedy. I do have my gripes with it but none of them were enough to keep me from enjoying this movie a lot.

My Rating: 6/10

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