“Boy” (2010)

Available for free on Amazon Prime and Vudu

“Boy” is a New Zealand film directed by Taika Waititi. He’s mostly known for directing the good “Thor” movie but after catching up on some of his old stuff I would say he’s way too talented to just be making formulated super hero movies. “Boy” is a comedy centered around young Alamein who idolizes Michael Jackson and his father who has mysteriously been gone for the majority of his life. He then reappears and Alamein and Rocky are finally able to bond with him after so long. I’m not gonna get into spoilers or even that much into detail of this movie but just know that I really enjoyed it a lot


In my opinion I found this movie to be perfect for what it was going for. It was a father and son movie tackling a lot of difficult problems that are usually presented to be such 2 dimensional things. The father could have just been a completely awful dad, and he was, but there’s a lot more to it than that. He never seems to have ill intentions and he’s also aware about some of the responsibilities he has as a father but falls short in terms of his own maturity. Without spoiling too much I enjoyed how they wrote the father character. The dynamic between the 2 siblings was so great. Both brothers are handling the loss of their mother in different ways and it seems to take a toll on them as the movie goes on. Alamein takes the role as the man of the house even though he is extremely young while Rocky is in a constant state of guilt where he finds himself always going to see his mother at her grave. I want to go into it a bit more but just know it’s such a heart warming story and the comedy is just great. The child acting was also on point which is pretty rare!


I don’t really have any cons for this movie. The pacing is a bit slow but I really enjoyed the slow burn of it since it helped me enjoy all of the characters more and more. I can see the New Zealand accent being a bit hard to understand at times but I found it very charming and helped a lot with the humor since a lot of their slang was very new to me.

My Rating: 7/10 (probably an 8 actually)

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