“Black Dynamite” (2009)

Available to rent on streaming platforms.

I’ve been recommending a lot of pretty serious and even depressing films for this little segment. So I’m gonna recommend one of my favorite parodies ever, “Black Dynamite”. I was trying to keep these recommendations to movies people may have not heard of but it appears a lot of people only know the show and not the movie. “Black Dynamite” is a comedy that parodies blaxploitation films from the early 70s and it does such a great job. This movie is completely self aware and it had me laughing in almost every scene. For people that think that this movie was made to offend, try to think of it more as it was made to poke fun at the idea of this type of movie (that’s kinda what a parody is). It has characters spitting out exposition, it has over acted scenes, and the action is over the top as well. Usually I would be the one to judge against these types of movies, but once again, that’s the whole point behind this movie. It’s to make fun of these common cliches. Hope you guys enjoy this recommendation too!

I checked Imdb and I gave this movie a 10 apparently soo

My Rating: 10/10

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