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“Waves” is another film that I am recommending to go along with the theme of African American movies. Although the director, Trey Edward Shults, isn’t African American, the majority of the cast is African American. If you read through my top 10 films of 2019 you would see that this was actually in my top 5 and there’s I still think it’s a pretty great movie. It tackles a lot of issues like the pressures of having to act a certain way when growing up in a black household, abortion, forgiveness, and redemption. A big reason I really think this movie is so amazing is because it let’s you see both sides of the issue and you can even sympathize with either. One pattern I’ve been noticing with the films that I give positive reviews in is that if the themes you are going for are going to be presented with have depth and a purpose, it makes it a lot more relatable and interesting. The soundtrack for this movie is great and fits the movie very well, the acting is great, and it’s one of my favorite redemption films if you can even consider it a redemption film. This movie was EXTREMELY SNUBBED AT THE OSCARS and I feel like it deserves a lot more recognition. Enjoy! Also it has some pretty sad and deep moments so get ready for an emotional rollercoaster.

My Rating: 9/10

“Moonlight” (2016)

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I’ve noticed that Netflix is recommending a lot of black directed films so I thought I would also recommend some of my favorite black directed movies. “Moonlight” is a film directed by Barry Jenkins who has also made “If Beale Street Could Talk” and “Medicine for Meloncholy”. Although this film is pretty darn amazing, it is mostly known for being the movie that screwed over “La La Land” for the Best Picture Award at the Oscar’s. After that, nobody really watched this movie since everyone was pretty upset that “La La Land” didn’t actually win best picture. I won’t go into too much about this movie since I really want more people to watch it.

This is a coming of age film revolving around Chiron, a young boy who is confused about his sexuality while also having to deal with his drug addicted mother. My absolute favorite thing about this film is that all of the characters and have so much depth to them. Nothing is presented on a surface level and there’s so much to get out of this film. For example, this movie could have easily presented the mother to only be a stereotypical drug addict and that’s it. But the film goes beyond that and shows her trying to put in the effort throughout the movie, even though she is extremely manipulative and abusive for most of the movie. Chiron could have easily just been written to be a stereotypical gay character, but they went above and beyond and wrote him to be someone genuinely confused and overwhelmed at times about how he truly felt. This is important when making a movie about this subject because coming out isn’t the easiest thing in the world, especially when you been brought up from an African American traditional mindset (not trying to be offensive in any way, I understand that Hispanic traditional families are also very homophobic as well). To summarize my thoughts, I just love how real a lot of this movie feels and how well it was acted. Without spoiling too much of the film I would just say this is one of my favorite movies of all time and probably one of the only good movies on the “Netflix Black Lives Matter” section.

My Rating:9/10